Journalism in the Age of Data

In a world where zettabytes of data are being created each year professionals who can give meaning to this data through a compelling narrative are in high demand. Data visualization is slowly but surly assuming the artistic elements found in paintings, sculpture, and literature. It is becoming a new expressive language that makes the world more intelligible.

Journalism in the Age of Data is a video report by Geoff McGhee an online journalist specializing in multimedia and information graphics. In the videos he interviews professionals from different communication mediums like the New York Times, BBC News Online, Google, IBM, and others. These report on the importance of the fusion between traditional journalism and advances in data visualization.



Visualizing Hubway Data with Neo4j

Hubway is a bike sharing system in Metro-Boston launched in July 2011 with 60 stations and 600 bicycles. Users pay a membership fee which allows them to check out a bike at one station and return it at any of the other stations. Recently, Hubway released data for all trips from the system launch on July 28th, 2011, through the end of September, 2012 as part of their The Hubway Data Visualization Challenge.

The data is geographic consisting of station points and trip lines with associated rider and trip attributes.  Take a look at this visualization created with Neo4j a graph database. Make sure to click on the image and then hover around.

Here is the original post by Max de Marzi

The Hestia Project

I enjoy reading up on science and one of the web sites I check daily is Today I ran across an article on The Hestia Project an effort by researchers at Arizona State University and Purdue University to create a city-wide CO2 emission visualization system. Pretty impressive they model CO2 fluctuations hour by hour and building by building.

Here are some links:
The Hestia Project
Study maps greenhouse gas emissions to building, street level for U.S. cities