The Copenhagen Wheel

This is an awesome example of the use of a bike sensor to collect environmental and health information. Imagine what will be possible when your smart phone can sniff the air, measure temperature, and otherwise sample you and the environment 24/7.


Bird view of noise level:

Urban section:

CO level flowing through the streets:

NOx accumulative in one single day:

Urban heat islands:

Transportation and noise level:


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The Hestia Project

I enjoy reading up on science and one of the web sites I check daily is Today I ran across an article on The Hestia Project an effort by researchers at Arizona State University and Purdue University to create a city-wide CO2 emission visualization system. Pretty impressive they model CO2 fluctuations hour by hour and building by building.

Here are some links:
The Hestia Project
Study maps greenhouse gas emissions to building, street level for U.S. cities