Copying a Website to Your Local Hard Drive

CaptureSince its inception more than 20 years ago LWDD has maintained a custom web site. Where “custom” means custom html coding and scripting that meant its been difficult and costly to maintain. The website is hosted offsite and edited through a custom application.

We have been working on development of a new web page based on WordPress that will soon go live. In preparation, I had to make a copy of our old web site for posterity and found WinHTTracker Website Copier  a free and simple application to get the job done.

After installation a copy is just a few keystokes away. Start the application click next.

Create a new project and specify the location on your local drive, click next.


Specify the address of the website you want to copy, next.


You will get some other options but in most cases you will not need them, finish.

The website will be copied to your local drive.

The website is now copied locally. Go to the location where the website was copied and you will find an index.html. When clicked you will be able to view your copied website.