Things I learned at the ESRI User Conference

ArcGIS API for Silverlight
  • Includes improved security, integrated with Visual Studio, new tool for querying, and edit tracking.
  • Stuff you will need: ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight (Application builder, configurable viewer, extensibility kits), API for ArcGIS Silverlight, and Silverlight
  • Programming is done through VB/C# and XAMLs
ArcGIS Flex Viewer
  • Includes a new application builder that is much easier to use than previous versions.
  • Users can easily configure and deploy apps without programming.
  • Stuff you will need: Flash Player, SDK either Adobe Flex 4.6 or Apache 4.8 or later, Download API (
  • Programming Language is Action Script and Javascript (mostly used in HTML wrapper)
  • Based on our experience with C#.NET Silverlight is our preferred option.
  • In this new environment RegGSS would fork into: A General Support Tool for GIS Professionals using ArcMap and A Spatial Decision Support System for Permit Review Staff using Silverlight.
ArcGIS Workflow Manager
  • Could replace the work distribution and history tracking functions in our custom coded Data Processing Center
  • Could replace the spatial notifications functions in our custom coded Early Notification Systems.
  • Regulatory data entry workflows are simple compared to the complex workflows that the tool can support. LiDAR to DEM processing would be able to use more of the workflow capabilities.
ArcGIS Data Reviewer
  • Could replace custom python coded QA/QC checks.
  • Workflow Manager and Data Reviewer separate data entry and QA/QC into two distinct functions implementation would require a paradigm shift for Regulation where data entry and QA/QC are preformed concurrently.
Python Map Automation
  • Additional functionality being added but ESRI does not want all ArcObject mapping functions converted to Python.
  • Works by modifying elements of a template.mxd thus requires graphic objects to be manipulated to have unique names.
  • Could replace some custom C# code in our Early Notification Systems, Area of Interest Reports, and MyApplications
  • Much sample code available at…6465
Collector App
  • Could replace the RegGSS Report a Digitizing Errors/Omissions that allows reviewers to digitize/submit a correction.
  • High potential use for those folks that are often in the field: Environmental Resource Compliance, Everglades Regulation.
  • ESRI Staff stated they have no plans for COGO functions to be migrated to collector app.
Parcel Fabric
  • This new feature class brings highly needed flexability and spatial accuracy to COGOed features.
  • Currently, when COGOing metes and bounds are not preserved, and we are sometimes forced to move COGOed features for cartographic reasons. Parcel fabric solves these problems by allowing features to be shifted while preserving the underying COGOed data.
  • Regulatory Conservation Easements and Land Management COGOed parcels should be migrated to this feature data set.
  • Github is a version control system that ESRI is using to upload sample application code in all flavors: flex, javascript, silverlight.

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