ArcSDE Replication

Sunset 4SFWMD Regulation GIS has a staging and production ArcSDE 9.3.1 sp2 servers used to store geospatial data. Most of the features on staging do not change very often so they are moved manually to production as the need arises. Those features which are edited daily on staging are replicated to production and synchronized hourly.

We are currently undergoing a simultaneous Windows XP to Windows 7 and ArcGIS v9.3 to ArcGIS 10.1 upgrade. Once our desktops were upgraded to 10.1 our 9.3 python script to automatically re-create the replica failed. We tried the 10.1 tool CreateReplica but were getting the following error:Problem

It turns out that CreateReplica will give an error if the feature class was created and registered as versioned in the earlier 9.3 version.

The problem was solved when the feature classes were deleted from both staging and production and then re-created in 10.1 from scratch from a file geodatabase archive. The new feature classes were then assigned privileges,  Global IDs were generated, and then Registered as Versioned.  Once this was done it was noticed that feature tables views (“VW” suffix) were being created. We originally did not understand this but quickly learned that this is a default behavior of ArcGIS 10.1 when registering feature classes as versioned.

We like to use Model Builder as a prototyping environment.
Model Builder

Once done prototyping we migrate our models to python scrips. You can take a view on GitHub.

Shakir Ahmed, Geographer 3, Regulation GIS, SFWMD
Juan Tobar, Supervisor – Geographers, Regulation GIS, SFWMD


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