Application Development Projects for 2013


In my previous post Managing the IT Project Portfolio I talked about a project ranking methodology. In this post I list the application development project contenders. In another post I will discuss our data project contenders.


Objective: Create a Spatial Decision Support System for the review of applications and the issuance of regulatory permits.

Justification: Currently, reviewers spend many hours looking for possible conflicts by turning GIS layers off/on, users also have to sift through many Early Warning System Notifications. MyApplications would create a centralized hub for viewing geospatial information that may have an effect on the issuance of a permit.

Status: Advanced Prototype.MyApplications

Pre-Application Reports

Objective: Modify Area of Interest (AOI) Reports to produce pre-application reports. To be used and given to reviewers and clients during pre-application meetings.

Justification: Currently, reviewers go into a pre-application meeting with limited information. This project would facilitate the creation of a report detailing: soils, land-use, transportation, property information for the property in question.

Status: Advanced Prototype.Pre-Application Reports


Objective: Modify the Drawdown model to serve as a front-end to MODFLOW or WINFLOW. Drawdown is a custom built C# Theiss drawdown model that calculates a depression cone around a pumped well.

Justification: Currently, reviewers can run a simple Thiess model but more complex models are not available. This project would modify Drawdown to be a front-end to MODFLOW/WINFLOW allowing for more complex modeling.

Status: Not Started.

Drawdown MODFLOW

Cut/Fill Analysis

Objective: Create an application to facilitate the creation of a cut/fill analysis/report using gridded (LiDAR) data.

Justification: Currently, the cut/fill analysis involves a number of GIS processing steps that are not obvious to ERP Engineers. This project would allow a reviewer to select a sub-set of an elevation grid, specify an elevation, and perform a cut/fill analysis that results in a report including cubic measurements, cross sections and maps.

Status: Not Started

Cut and Fill Analysis

Sub-Watersheds Editing Environment

Objective: Create an editing environment to allow for the capture of sub-watersheds.

Justification: Currently, when Engineers review an ERP application they need to wade through scanned documents to find sub-watershed flow diagrams which wastes time. This project creates the editing environment necessary to modify existing and create new sub-watershed.

Status: Not Started. In an initial effort we were able to extract 17,000 sub-watersheds from data in our GIS/ORACLE systems, however, the editing environment is needed to create network topology and capture new features.



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