LinkedIn Network Map

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Toby at tipp(l)ing point

LinkedIn has a network mapping tool too, and it’s very pretty. It’s fairly predictable, the way I have 6 clusters of connections plus a few single unattached individuals – but the thing it brings to my mind most is the people who AREN’T there – the gaps in the network. I suppose some people are just like that. Some of them are in my Facebook network map, so now I want to merge the two of them. This is only the first-level network of course. If we had more dimensions we could show deeper levels – contacts-of-contacts.

As an afterthought, the map seem to show that the co-operators (in blue on the right) are a very cohesive network among themselves – more densely interconnected than my other work-related communities. I suppose that’s because co-operation is more than just a job.

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