Alex Yudzon’s Maps

Alex Yudzon Atlas Cloud series of louds over a 1937 atlas uses lines of demarcation as composition and detail, exploring boundaries of nations and the relevance of symbols that divide form and distance. Its like looking at the earth from 40,000 feet with clouds between you and the ground. In his own words:

“My drawings attempt to create maps out of phenomena that are inherently resistant to the act of map making because they are continually altered either through natural forces or by human intervention. Depicting mountain ranges, areal views of mining sites and cloud formations respectively, these drawings use an intricate networks of lines, patterns and symbols to articulate both the solidity and the ephemerality of nature. Referencing everything from; Russian textiles, folk art, Baroque_painting, Russian prison tattoos, modernist abstraction, as well as a personally invented vocabulary of symbols, the resulting “maps” function as documents not just of the specific sites that are depicted but also of internal states which like clouds or mines are equally beholden to the laws of change. These drawings constitute my attempt at inventing a deeply personal system of language while at the same time locating myself within a broad
contemporary reality.”


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