Coordinate Sample Builder

This is the 4th post on on my paper “A Method for Determining and Improving the Horizontal Accuracy of Geospatial Features” Other posts on this topic:

3. An Introduction to Parcels
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Coordinate Sample Builder (CSB)  is a toolbar for ArcMap that allows you to create a database of test and control coordinate sample pairs. The toolbar has two icons one to open the main form and one that allows the selection of vertecies. Once vertecies are selected there is a button at the bottom of the form that allows you to submit the record into the database and then by pressing the “Next feature” button you will be zoomed in to the next feature.

To prevent bias the users needs to sample the same way each time. The easiest way of doing this is to pick a primary corner say the upper right and search for vertecies in this area before going to a secondary corner say lower right. Doing this should eliminate most of the sampling bias. You only need to sample 30 points generate the RMSE @ 95% confidence interval.

Once we have 30 coordinates pairs we transfer this information o an Excel spreadsheet that has been setup to calculate several accuracy measures. I’ll cover that tomorrow.

I have placed the code on github and you can watch a video below:


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